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Wichita Base
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* S.A.M.E. is Specific Area Message Encoding
** HotSeat Decision Maker Simulator requires Java 1.4.2

National Association for Amateur Radio
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service

» Participating NWS Office Photo Albums

NWS offices around the country have participated in what is now an annual event with ham radio operators which was brought about by the many years ham radio has been there; the eyes on the skies; providing ground truth data. The ARRL, the National Association for Amateur Radio in Newington, CT along with NOAA and the NWS established "SKYWARN® Appreciation Day". This allows hams from any location to contact weather offices nationwide. This also establishes the link between NWS offices in More details as it works out.
2007 SKYWARN® Recognition Day QSL Example

If you worked WX0ICT or a station in Wichita during SRD, we have QSL cards on the way.
»QSL cards from stations that participated in SKYWARN® Recognition Day 2007.
»  December 1, 2007
»  December 2, 2006
»  December 3, 2005
»  December 7, 2002

Boeing Enployees Amateur Radio Service and Wichita Amateur Radio Club
Field Day 2008 at SBEA Lake Pavillion

Skywarn Coordinators
SKYWARN® Coordinator Sherry Weir, KBØSQQ, Warning Coordination Meteorologist Chance Hayes, KCØQBY,
SKYWARN® Co-Coordinator Jim Enix, KCØQIE, and SKYWARN® Co-Coordinator Randy Wing, NØLD at the
Greater Wichita Field Day standing at the SKYWARN® display.

Amateur Radio Operators (HAMS) are a vital link in the spotter and communication network used by the NWS during severe or otherwise inclement weather. Not only do they report what they see with their own eyes, but they can report what others see, and also provide communications to other NWS offices should normal communication modes fail.

Providing ground truth reports

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