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Wichita NWS Skywarn Advisory Group
Is your organization or group needing a guest speaker with a presentation sure to appeal to anyone? The Coordination Team and the NWS are available for a presentation on Skywarn, what it is and what it does. Skywarn is open to anyone with the desire to protect life and property and give accurate reports to the NWS or local emergency agency. Please contace Chance Hayes, Skywarn Coordinator for information or scheduling.

Wichita Skywarn Advisory Group

Chance Hayes - KC0QBY - NWS
Jordan Henion - K0JWH
Jim Enix - KC0QIE
Kent Stutzman - KB0RWI
Carl Anderson - N0ORS
Russell Groves - WX0RG
John Goerzen - KR0L
Teddy Banks - KC0WNY

The Wichita NWS Skywarn Group has switched from a Coordinator / Co-coordinator leadership style to what will become the Wichita Skywarn Advisory Group. This group is made up of people that have dedicated themselves to being ready for most any inclimate weather and be able to respond. Should one person be out of town, or even out of the country; continuity will remain in the group for activations and accepting of reports.

Providing ground truth reports

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