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Wichita Base
Reflectivity Radar

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Wichita NWS County Warning Area

The Wichita National Weather Service office serves the
following 26 Kansas counties:

Allen, Barton, Butler, Chase, Chatauqua, Cowley, Elk, Ellsworth,
Greenwood, Harper, Harvey, Kingman, Labette, Lincoln, Marion,
McPherson, Montgomery, Neosho, Reno, Rice, Russell, Saline,
Sedgwick, Sumner, Wilson, Woodson

Below are two files for those in the Wichita Warned Area for GRLevelX
R+Click or Splat+Click(Mac) to save locally. Load to Placefiles

Wichita CWA Repeaters Placefile

!SN! Spotter Network Location

See the Stateline Skywarn coverage map

SKYWARN® Projects:

Community outreach programs:

Is your organization or group needing a guest speaker with a presentation sure to appeal to anyone? The Skywarn Advisory Group and the NWS are available for a presentation on SKYWARN®, what it is and what it does. SKYWARN® is open to anyone with the desire to protect life and property and give accurate reports to the NWS or local emergency agency. Please contact Advisory Coordinator for information or scheduling.

K-Link has greatly enhanced the coverage of the central and northern counties, and the Stateline Skywarn system covers to the Oklahoma-Kansas state line. Members of the Skywarn Yahoo group are encouraged to use the toll free number if they are not radio operators. Calling your local 911 office adds a layer of delay in getting the warning issued from the National Weather Service.

Ongoing research into communications capabilities allows the SKYWARN® group to potentially benefit from the latest ham radio and internet capabilities. This research is a lower priority during the most active SKYWARN® months.

Providing ground truth reports

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