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NWS Mission and Skywarn Vision Statements

National Weather Service
Our Mission Statement: To serve the public by providing severe weather and flood warnings along with public and aviation forecasts for twenty six counties in central and southeastern Kansas, primarily for the protection of life and property. This is accomplished by maximizing the use of new technology and educating the citizens to ensure appropriate response to the weather.

Wichita Skywarn
Mission Statement: To improve the quality of SKYWARN® volunteer services to the Wichita NWS and the surrounding area by recruiting SKYWARN® volunteers that communicate well, by training the SKYWARN® volunteers thoroughly, and by improving the methods, quality, and frequency of communication and visibility as they relate to the "High Impact" events that affect the Wichita NWS area of responsibility. The Wichita Skywarn group has over 300 volunteers in the 26 county Wichita coverage area. Provide multiple paths of alerting the group of impending weather - texting services and e-mail.

Other informational pages within this site are what to report and what frequencies ham radio operators operate on if the weather warrants their activation.
Wichita Skywarn Advisory Group

  • Chance Hayes - KCØQBY - National Weather Service
  • Jordan Henion - KØJWH - Sedgwick Co
  • Jim Enix - KCØQIE - Sedgwick Co
  • Kent Stutzman - KBØRWI - Harvey Co
  • Carl Anderson - NØORS - Barton Co
  • Teddy Banks - KCØWNY - Greenwood Co
  • Russel Groves - WXØRG - Marion Co
  • John Goerzen - KRØL - Marion Co
National Weather Service

There is a growing problem. Please be sure you are not a part of it. YIELD TO ALL EMERGENCY VEHICLES. EMS, Fire, Police, Sheriff, Emergency Management, Highway Patrols and other first responder agencies are all being blocked from getting to damage scenes due to tour groups and the public. This is becoming a national problem. Remember that we are volunteers and do not work for any agency unless you are credentialed.

Let's make sure that Wichita and surrounding NWS spotters are setting examples!
Providing ground truth reports

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