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SKYWARN® Informational Nets
Weekly and Monthly Training

When and Where?

All nets are held from March thru September, none during the winter.

Participation by people stepping forward to be net controls will assist in bringing these nets back.

Net Time (UTC/24hr) Net Frequency and Area

147.150 Butler Co Net
0030UTC/1830 Every Tuesday
Flint Hills ARC

This net is sponsored by the Flint Hills ARC and is run on the El Dorado 147.150 repeater for the Butler County and extreme NE Sedgwick Co coverage. This net continues
146.955 Chatauqua County
0100UTC/1900 Every Tuesday
Repeater for this net is located in Sedan, KS

146.850 (103.5 PL) Derby and the 146.820 (103.5PL) Haven/Buhler Input Stateline Skywarn Network

Anyone can be net control. Again, express your interest to do so!!

145.13 (156.7 PL) Beaumont

Anyone can be net control. Again, express your interest to do so!!

K-Link Skywarn Net

A Net is possible if there is interest and can be coordinated in to sections of the network checking in.

Who may participate?
The Skywarn nets are open to all licensed Amateur Radio operators. You do not have to be active with Skywarn to take a report. It is encouraged that all hams attend annually spotter training presentations in the spring months

Skywarn Nets are represented during severe weather. Most recently the tornado in Greensburg and flooding in Coffeyville. The National Weather Service is not always staffed with the people turning the radio on and monitoring any certain frequency.

What is the purpose of the net?

The purpose of the SKYWARN® net is to provide a link between the NWS and amateur radio operators, to be used to enhance the gathering and distribution of critical severe weather information. The routine weekly net also allows the National Weather Service to notify SKYWARN® volunteers of upcoming events and other important information.

Contact WXØICT Echolink Node 361677 with your reports meeting the reporting criteria when your area is under a warning. There should be someone monitoring WX0ICT if there has been a notice sent to the Skywarn Served Yahoo group.

Communications on public service frequencies are also used for some surrounding counties.

Providing ground truth reports
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